Consignment is a great way to sell your shoes. Here’s how it works:

1. Bring us your shoes or send us a picture and description.
2. We’ll use our expertise and other tools to help you set a fair price.
3. We sell your shoes online on our website and will also post on our twitter and facebook page or if you live in Killeen, T.X, area we will sell them at our storefront.
4. Once they’ve found a new home, you will get a check for 85% of the sale price once your shoes sell (our commission is 15%).

We also purchase Kicks:

1. Send us pictures and description of shoes

2. Once a price is agreed upon paypal money will be available for you to send away the sneakers

Addional Information:

We accept brand new and slightly worn shoes. If you have less than 5 pairs to sell, you can walk in to our storefront or send us an email at

If you have more than 5 pairs to sell or if you are sending in shoes, please email first to coordinate. DoubleLaced reserves the right to refuse any and all items.

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